Use Quora to get High Traffic on Your Blog

image result Use Quora to get High Traffic on Your Blog

Quora is a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. It allows business brands to expand their brand identity in a targeted community of followers. If you never used Quora before, then you’ll know that viewers are given the task to submit daily questions about a specific niche. Whether it’s a question concerning  fashion, weight loss, mental health or philosophy, all followers have one quest in mind; they want the opinion from an expert.

A person with experience & expertise who can offer a useful solution. If experts can masterfully solve a problem. Then followers will up vote your answers, which entail the stability of your branding to be upscale to the first Google page, comparatively to other companies.

You’ll gain more value in the reader’s eye and be recognized for your expertise in that specific niche. Hence, the benefit of having your profile account on Quora is crucial for your branding identity. And how you can use Quora to get high traffic on your blog.

You need to identify three main key elements to convert your questions into potential Twitter followers

1. Reliability of your sources
2. The trust from readers
3. The ability to answer the right questions

However, for people who never created a Quora profile account should take into account of a concrete example. You don’t need to identity your real job correlating with your credentials. Nevertheless, you’ll need to establish a title that supports your expertise in the field. Hence, you should use Quora to get High Traffic on Your Blog

Tactic #1 Your Quora Profile Account

Here’s an outline on how you should proceed with a Quora profile.

Use Quora to get High Traffic on Your Blog 1

– The title of your expertise ( blogger, freelancer or chief-editor of a magazine)
– An introductory sentence that shows who you are and what you’re passionate about
– Name at least four skills that showcase your talents and what your company is offering. It can be anything that has to do with SEO, Digital marketing or Publishing manuscripts.

About the image above,  you’ll see that I’ve attached a subtle marketing tactic to my profile. I gave a direct link to my website if ever followers were interested in finding more information about me concerning my freelancing portfolio, and articles blog that I’ve written before. If you answered a substantial amount of questions already. I highly recommend answering at least twenty questions. Before you start to see any kind of results.

Then you’ll see that Quora will request in-feed update where viewers can specifically request an answer from your profile account. It means that you gain their trust, and they want a second opinion from your point of view.
Secondly, you should create a logo design that symbolizes your company’s brand. It  subconsciously creates recognition among viewers who crossed path with your writing content. Above all, the Google search engine will always publicize any Quora questions online, so it is worth maximizing your profile account.

Use Quora to get High Traffic on Your Blog 2

Tactic #2 Insert Links of your Articles in your Quora question

This is a tricky tactic. But it does the job. You shouldn’t over saturate your publicity online by just inserting a link to your brand in questions that are asking the opposite of what you’re promoting. Choose a relevant topic, put a direct link to your website that can be of help for viewers. Remember, followers are interested in actionable advice in which they can apply in real life. That’s  why you should be selective; versatile questions that can be answered with a step-by-step tutorial.

image result answer quora question

1. Pick a Quora question that is freshly asked on the web. Between 1h-10 hours ago, you want to be the first person to latch the opportunity. Having less competition will give the chance to be up voted.
2. Choose a question that has between 10-15 followers, it’ll progressively increase throughout the day.
3. Always choose general questions that you’ll know everyone is interested in (ex: How to monetize your blog in 2019)
4. Answer to the best of the ability of between 300-500 words
5. Provide a link to resources and explain what you do by providing your link” Don’t oversell your service, or else followers will catch on that your answers are particularly helpful.
Think of Quora as a massive community online where you offer free consultation until you hit a potential paying customer.

There are many ways to use Quora to get high traffic on Your Blog.

Tactic # 3 Share your Quora answers with automated scheduling tools

After submitting your answer on Quora, there’ll be a pop-up form where you can share your information on either Facebook or Twitter. For the sake of this Staragery marketing plan, I’ll only show the step-by-step guide on how to convert your Quora answers into genuine potential customers. This is an important step because you need to market your content at the peak time of the day on social media.

To better categorize Quora in Twitter.  It’s more accessible to use it as a quote. So use a hash tag generator  to get the best hash tags relating to inspiration quotes or even motivational speeches. You need to rely on statistics  that tells you the peak time to schedule twitter posts online. According to Sprout Social, the peak time for each varies. Even so, to be on the safe side, they already recommend tweeting between Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

After experimenting the best time to effectively post your Quora questions. Social Sprout recommends that you should only tweet 11 times a day to get better visibility. Considering the lifespan of a tweet is very small. So, I recommend your answers from Quorato get High Traffic on Your Blog with the most followers.

Download Buffer

Afterwards, download Buffer. They offer a free plan s to upload three social media account where you can post your content at their most recommended hours. I highly suggest this platform because they offer pre- made scheduling time where you don’t need to do the guessing yourself.

The only downfall for Buffer is that people don’t have access to Pinterest. Even so, at least try out the 14 day-free trial. From my knowledge, almost every automated scheduling I’ve used don’t offer Pinterest as a free tool. And even if they did, the hassle to create Pinterest scheduling is tedious and time-consuming for one single Pin. Since you have to post numerous Pins in  one day on multiple group boards. I’ll be writing a future post where I share my secrets to automating all those pins for free. By creatively implanting Pinterest with Google Calendar. Thus, you use Quora to get high traffic on Your Blog.

There you have it, you can successfully create potential twitter customers by integrating this easy-step by tutorial. Because Digital marketing is all about leaving a strong first impression on social media. Experts are sought out for everyday advice. Which means you can establish an online presence on Quora. It’s a win-win situation. That’s the magic to use Quora to get high traffic on Your Blog

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