How to Double Your Income with Easy SEO Tips

image to double your income with easy SEO tips

SEO strategies are a smart way to double your income. By getting an increase in views, a business can expose their service to new customers. However, If you’re a newbie to SEO, you might be wondering why is it important.

Well, first of, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, an SEO strategy helps for a search engine like Google to better crawl your website, in which case, your page ranking will increase, and in return you’ll get organic traffic from users.

There are a number of ways to double in your income in one month, besides using the old strategies such as signing for Google Adsense or sponsoring a company’s product with a blog post. I made a list of SEO strategies where you can implement in your business, blog or personal website where you want extra income by increasing your number of organic traffic.

1) Website Publishing Platform

Publishing websites have millions of readers who check on the platform every month. There are a free to use, where you create a profile account, and submit a blog post or a book series. Medium, platform for social journalism, gives writers the opportunity to sign up to publications and earn money from writing on any topics ( business, relationships or lifestyle diet)

It makes it easy for business owners who are looking for online readers to visit their website, hence you’ll get organic traffic. It helps your SEO ranking because you’re creating credibility for your niche and readers often have their own personal blog, in which they can backlink to your own website.

Website Publishing Platform:,, Scoop it, Issuu, Yudu, Paper.Li, PUB HTML5,

2) Insert your Google Adsense between blogs posts

You can easily increase your income if you insert your Google adsense between paragraphs in a blog post. While reading your article, readers can scroll down and will see your ads. Google Adsense have different types of formats: vertical, horizontal, responsive, in order for you to personalize the size of your ad to your liking.

The average CPM earning is between $1 to $1.5 per 1,000 impressions.  Hence you can make between $50-$100 if you receive 100 000 views per day.

3) Create an Optimized Blog Post

By an optimized blog post, I’m referring to how your blog post is easy to read. In on other words, Google is searching for a clean format of your post. Remember, if more people are reading your content, then lower bounce, an in exchange you’ll get high organic traffic.

Formatting a clean blog post involves making shorter paragraphs, mixed with medium and shorter sentences, putting subheaders to get a gist of what your blog is about and bullet points to state facts or statistics.

4) A/B Testing

A/B is an excellent experimental tool that helps you test your website to maximize your usability and engagement. In A/B testing, you’ll be show of different versions of the same web pages, so you can analyzed it to the original web page.

The biggest advantage is that business owners and bloggers can find the tiniest changes that might negatively affect their performance, such as:

  • Not putting the call to action button in the best place
  • Writing better headlines
  • Changing button colors to red to green

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