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Every blog writer new blog ideas for better content. Or else, you run out of original topics. You starting writing your first blog paragraph and you hit a brick wall. You don’t know what to write next, in other words, you’re in a rut.

Spending weeks of thinking new ideas and recycling old content every month, there’s no more new blog ideas you can think of. Every time you try writing again, you become demotivated and push you’re online posting for a late date, and so the vicious cycle begins, where you don’t write anything for weeks, just because of deep rut you can’t escape from.

Hopefully, in the digital world, there are more than a hundred automatic online generator where they offer great new blog ideas you can inspire from. I’ve listed the top four blog idea generator where any beginner or advanced writer can form new blog ideas, and slowly get out of their demotivated mood. 

For me, I prefer Idea generator that can offer three main things: 

  1. Trendy topics 
  2. Combine word ideas into coherent topics  
  3. Create Unique Blog Ideas  

1. HubSpot  

If you never heard of this website, you should really try it. It’s one of the top platforms that offer  full service of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software — plus the methodology, resources, and support — to help any small or medium businesses grow. 

The HubSpot blog Idea Generator is a fast easy tool that gives a week worth’s of idea content. If you pay the premium version, you’ll unlock 250 more blog ideas that can cover a year’s worth of blogging. By entering a keyword in the search bar, the generator will start forming topics related to your niche. The more keywords you enter (minimum 5 noun words), the ideas the generator can produce. 


  • Fast & Easy 
  • A week worth’s of blog topics for free version 
  • Excellent for beginner bloggers  


  • Paid premium to have access for more ideas 
  • Might not be helpful for advanced bloggers who already used these titles 

2. Headline Generator

A great blog idea generator for newbie blogger and advanced bloggers who are looking for catchy titles .Just enter your subject to generate a variety of compelling clickbait, link bait, or blog headlines. Use them as-is or as part of your brainstorming process. They come with multiple useful features that will increase your chance of high website traffic.  

Features include analysis of trending topics, headline generator and a headline analyzer that gives you a grade of whether or not your blog title will get success. 


  • In depth analysis of headlines  
  • Perfect for advanced blogger  


  • Newbie bloggers might need a learning curves  
  • Useful if you have a topic in mind  

3. WebFx 

This a no brainer. It the basic blog idea generator where you enter a topic keyword, and the web gives you an endless list of ideas. If you don’t like it, you click next, and the next suggested blog topic comes up. The one thing I notice is the titles that come up can help optimize your SEO, however the titles can be sporadic and random, and might be a hit or miss, depending on your blog niche.  


  • Creative titles  
  • Easy to use  


  • Some titles are random  
  • Might be tricky for Beginner Bloggers who want simple titles  


An easy blog idea generator where you fill the three important keywords in  a blank box. Afterwards, the blog idea generator will produced multiple pertinent titles.  MakeaWebsiteHub has different ideas that will be creative for your blog or content building. What’s so great about this particular writing tool is that the idea generator can produced a week of blog post titles. They also offer a free guide to writing effective blog posts that get traffic. 


  • Interesting titles/ good for SEO 
  • Easy to use/ beginners can’t use it  


  • The three keywords has to be related, or else random titles will be created  
  • Blog titles can be redundant  

4 . Portent’s Content Idea Generator 

A good blog idea generator if you want someone to give a specific title for your niche industry. For example, if you entered your subject such as blogging. You’ll get really precise blog title such as 11 unexpected uses for blogging. The blog idea mostly justifies their choices of words by saying readers are interested in controversial title and you always have to write in the active voice.  


Interesting titles  

Simple to use, just enter the niche title  


Limited content of your ideas in one click, you have to reenter the same topic. 

Some blog idea titles are randomly created and aren’t pertinent for the blog subject 

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