Job Ideas for Introverts & Extroverts

part time job ideas for introverts and extroverts

50 job ideas for introverts & extroverts

Endless  job ideas for introverts & extroverts that are available for people of different personality types. In in other words, you don’t to have the extrovert personality trait to succeed in life.

Extrovert personality traits consist of an outgoing person,being open and willing to share their experiences. They are energized , thus getting their energy by socializing with other people.

I put a list of the 50 best job ideas for introvert & extrovert, and how each personality fit in a different job role. Many people get energy from socializing with other. And other people are content with themselves.


25 Jobs Ideas For Introverts

Best job ideas for introvert & extrovert 

1. Retail Associate for Shopping Malls (consistent retail brands that need people: Victoria’s Secret

2. Cashier for the food industry (recommended companies: Costco, Starbucks, Tim Horton

3. Babysitting (kids between the age 5-11)

4. Waiter/ Waitress


5. Uber driver ( a personalized schedule)

6. Call Center ( Bell; ideal for people with morning classes/job)

7.Tutoring (Demanded subjects: Math, Science & English)

8. Cosmetics Counters in Drugstores ( you don’t need a certification/ just know how to apply makeup)

9.  Host/ Hostess/Bar

10. Mascots for entertainments ( Birthday parties/ Walt Disney/ LaRonde, SeaWorld)

11. Motivational Coach (life&career)

12. Assistant Errands for fashion companies

13. Golf clubs (weekend part-time job)

12. Park Attraction (roller coaster, catering, etc.)

13. Birthday Singer/ Marriage Entertainer

14. Food Truck/ Ice Cream Truck

15. Perfume Tester/Products Advertising (Costco, High-End malls)

16. Tour Guide in local parks/zoos

17. Translator for Festivals/Hospitals

18. Ski/Spa Resorts (part-time weekend)

19. Moving Lawns/ Moving House Furniture

20. Fitness Instructor (Cycling & Cardio)

21. Competition Events (Ice rink, Rogers Cup etc.)

22. Retirement Home (piano entertainment, walking assistance, food center)

23. Summer Camp (guide &leader)

24. Flower Shops/Wrapping Gifts

25. Daycare Monitors


Introvert personality traits consist of an observant person, internalizing their feelings, hating small talks, running inner monologue, productive at setting task goals and prefer calm stimulating environments. 


25 Jobs Ideas For Introverts  

Hence, there are many job ideas for introverts & extroverts.

1. Dog walking/ Cat babysitting

2. Etsy (creative projects: bracelets, stickers, calendar printable, clothing pieces)

3. Election procedures (counting votes)

4.  Web designer/Instagram photos/YouTube editing

5.Sells Kijiji/eBay/Amazon/Poshmark Items

6. Bookstore/Library (arranging books)

7. Gym Fitness Center ( taking calls/ schedules)

8. Photographer (marriage events, graduation, pro etc.)

9. A secretary in a dentist office/ mechanic garage

10. Hospital Administration Paper Work

11. Assignment Corrector (English/ French / Spanish/ Foreign Language)

12. Housekeeping

13. Movie Ticket Seller

14. Closet Designer (arranged clothes, accessories & shoes)

15. The tennis Center (Patrolling the tennis courts, cleaning etc.)

16. Swimming lifeguard

17. City Town jobs (gardening, cleaning

18. Pizza/Chinese/food delivery service

19. Public services (tasks such as holding the stop sign)

20.Hotel Services (valet parking, carrying suitcases)

21. Lab experiments (volunteers & partners)

22. Freelance jobs (writing articles, designing a logo company, tattoo)

23. Video Game Tester, product tester, review products, online surveys

24. Aquamarine Centers

25.Neighbor’s of Family’s help (watering plants, cleaning chores)

26. An Introvert Boss

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