How To Use Google My Business To Boost Profits

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How to use Google My Business

If you want to further outreach a more targeted audience in your country. Then you will learn how to use Google my Business. It’s free and offers the accessibility to get your brand recognized over millions of people across the Internet. Especially, Google is massively one of the most popular search engines in the world. There’s no denying that.

The Pros

The marketing strategy to use the platform will improve your page optimization in Google’s rankings and make yourself recognized among other international business niches. Local business should all have a professional Google My Business combined with a profile account on Yelp. If local customers leave glowing reviews concerning your services, then more likely other people in the area will try it out.

Customers will trust the feedback from people who come from the same city or neighbourhood. Comparatively, to foreign customers. Local business should thrive off the platform. It’s the first thing people see when they do a Google search. The most important step is to maximize all the feature they offer in your profile account. Here’s a step-step guide on how to use google my business.

Step 1: Google My Business is connected to your Gmail Account

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Sync with Gmail Account

If you hadn’t known before, it connects all Google platforms. An advantage to using Google my business is you can simultaneously check your Gmail account for any specific update for an order, comments or requested service from one of your clients. You save the tedious task to go directly to your profile and make sure that everything is under control. Because Gmail is already sending notifications. The best way to get started with Google my business is by validating your brand at the official website. Afterwards, type in your business location. Google will send you a paper envelope that shows a code to confirm the validity of the address. You’ll take full ownership online. If you’re lucky, it takes between 15-20 days. Depending on where you live. Once you have completed that crucial detail, then you’ll be free to get your profile business started.

Step 2: Link your official website or create one with Google my Business

Google my business leaves the freedom to create a personalized business web page. However, it’s just a quick design where you input your opening hours, business location and the customers’ reviews. You won’t offer an official domain name with a professional website installation. You must sign up with a Hosting web with WordPress. If your goal is to have people actively clicking a website to purchase additional products. Google my business does not extend its services to creating an e-commerce store. Hence, I highly recommend linking your official website if you already have one.

Step 3: Create Local Event & Coupons

I think the main concern for most local businesses is to restrict your marketing budget. You want everything to be cost-effective for you to focus on product quality. A factor for a small business to succeed is having a standout product service to appeal to a loyal client. Which provides Google scheduling options; you’ll have the privilege of spreading out coupons, discount codes or local events during bake sales or other events. The service offers free 100 credits by just using my Google ads.

Cost Efficient

This is a less financial loss because you’re spending thousands of dollars on traditional marketing (ex: banner, magazine or newspaper). Your ad will be exposed to several potential customers. And the plus side is Google won’t charge you until they confirmed someone already clicked on your ad link. For a special event, creating discount codes will be an important way for new customers to trust your customer service skills.

Step 4: Put competitively appealing business hours

Business hours is an essential key element for a brand to succeed. Why? Because people want to know when your store opening or closing, so they’ll make the right decision. Among restaurants, the competition is fierce. Some open earlier some others open later. It widely depends on the type of food industry you’re in. For reasonable measures, make sure to realistic hours in which you know customers will more likely appreciate your service. The two classic opening hours are 9am-5pm 10am-8 pm. For e-commerce stores, make sure to put your phone number and email so people can easily reach out to you more. Setting a personal chat app will simplify the hour options.

Step 5: Be proactive with Blog Posting

Putting out a blog post 2X a week will be a positive reminder with customers and old clients. They want to know the latest news concerning your summer holiday menu. You’ll seem approachable and set a face value for your brand identity. Hence, the blog posting will offer tips and tricks on choosing a new premium service or selfies of famous people who are eating at your store. Try maximizing your resources by putting Instagram selfies and sneak peeks of your products. Depending on the demographic age & gender, you should appeal to the mass by a blog posting one these categories.

* Sneak Peek of Product releases
* Your App on Apple Store or Google Play
* Selfies with famous people who visited your places
* Tips & Tricks in Using Your products
* Free giveaway

#6 Recurpost

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Use Recurpost to automate your Google Posting. It’s an excellent platform if you want to schedule a pre-post related to business accounts such as Linkedin. They have recently updated the app for you to auto-schedule the best time and virtually place the post on a weekly online calendar. Unlike more social media platforms, they offer the possibility of creating a bulk post if want one. Some popular ones such as Buffer restrict the quantity post. I’ll be doing  list article of all the best scheduling automation tools online.

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