Best Note Taking Apps for Productivity

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Best Note Taking Apps

Writing can be a hassle when you can’t store it all in one place. Fortunately, there are note taking apps that will increase your productivity with ease. Whether you’re want to take clean minimal notes for work , writing on the go while on an errand, or just wanting to make a checklist , these notes taking apps will you complete your task with efficiency.  

Whether you want to take clean minimal notes, write on the go, or stored all your blog posts in one place, note taking apps have the ability to make all those situations become reality and offered many more features that a notebook written notebook can’t offer you. You can type down spontaneous ideas that come up to your head, while using your  phone and connecting with colleagues who are typing on the exact same document as you, but are in different locations.  

How it will increase Productivity

Not only you can work in teams, some excellent note taking apps now give the wide range of possibilities of adding images, audio  

It will not only boost your productivity, but will help you produce twice as more content for your schoolwork, business and blog website! I made a list of the 10 best note taking apps for productivity that can kick start your New Year Resolution in the right direction. 

1. Squid Notes

Unlike the best note taking apps for productivity, Squid Notes offer the possibility to sketch digital handwritten notes. Key features such as using a stroke eraser and digital pen to control the thickness and color of your notes makes it a great choice for people who want to do creative projects, bullet journalizing or jotting down notes with their fingers. Depending on the compatibility of your device, you can zoom in and out and import file documents such PDF to edit, crop, resize images and directly write on your presentations slides. 

The best feature of this productivity tool is that you can organize your notes in organized notebooks within the app and share it with your friends via Evernote (another great productivity tool) and email etc. 



-Supporting devices such as Android, Chromebook and Apple 

-Take notes with your finger or passive stylus on non-active pen devices 

-The premium version let you edit advanced documents ( music sheets, engineering, sports etc.) 


-Write by finger or stylus pen only 

-Missing some features such as search keywords for past written notes  

2. Evernote  

Evernote presents themselves as a note taking apps that can create multiple notebooks where you can store multiple articles , blog post and papers in one place without going through the hassle of forgetting to save your work. Because everything is autosaved ! What’s unique about this note taking tool is that they offer preformatted templates as CVs, to do list, checklist, where you can readily capture your ideas and organized them in a variety of formats such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more. 

It’s a must for people who tend to work with multiple files such as Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and PNG and want to store them all in one place. 

Evernote as a digital planner, note taking, memo and also a productivity tool where you can annotate and comment team meeting, presentation slides or business notes. 


-Insert link, images, audio while taking your notes  

-Organized your notes in clean separate files  

-The premium version offers you to access your notes and notebooks offline 


-You can’t use the free version on multiple devices  

3. Wenotes  

Wenotes is a simple note taking app where you can create color notes, to-do lists, reminders and calendars. One of its special features is create a special pin password or fingerprint when you want to lock up a confidential note. Even without internet, you can work offline and sure to write down all your ideas, thoughts, to do lists and emails for your next appointment. 

An easy note take app where you can create a reminder on digital calendar and organize your ideas though colored notes. It’s perfect for people who want jot their spontaneous ideas on the go without needing to connect to your Wi-fi. Your productivity will be leveled at the number of tasks being completed. 


  • The premium version offers audio recording for taking your notes 
  • Advanced reminder with the Calendar Setting 
  • Have access offline 


  • You can’t sync to all your devices. 

4.Microsoft Onenote  

Microsoft OneNote is a note taking app that helps at increasing your productivity by letting you take notes on your phone and syncing them across all other devices. This is a great note taking app for people who want to create multiple and write notes, while be reassured that all projects is autosaved.  What makes it efficient is you can effortlessly search through your notes and add images and make a digital sketchbook. It’s like a digital planner, memo writer and a digital app all combined in one place.  


  • Collaborate with your teammates in real time 
  •  Organize notes with sections and pages  
  • OneNote syncs your notes across all devices  


  • You need a Microsoft account to sign up 

#5 Cinta Notes  

Cinta Notes is great for people who have technical projects, businesses or a blog website. Whether you want to do text clipping, a full text search from past notes, back storage of your notebooks, create files attachment divided with keyword tags. Cinta Notes gives you the freedom to automatically organize your notes by tagging. Thus, you can synchronize your notes with the free Simple note service. This way you will also make your notes available on Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices. 

What’s even more unique, compared to the basic note taking app is that you embed links to other notes right in the text of your notes. With the help of these custom links you can create personal wiki-like databases. 


  • Exports your notes to HTML, TXT, XML 
  • Classify your notes by tags and lightweight  
  • Back storage of your work 


  • Text formatting tools lack font color customization 

#6 Write App! 

They are known as distraction free writing apps where serious writers can text edit their notes and store their work in clutter-free interface. It gives the best writng tools to maximize your productivity such configurable autocomplete, intelligent spellcjeckers and a mimalismat wrting interface, hence making it distract-free.  


  • Available on Windows, macOs, and Linux 
  • Store unlimited documents with backup to secure cloud 
  • Lightweight and can enable the Focus Mode or enable a dark theme for extra comfort at night hours. 


Purchase premium version 

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