Promote on Youtube with 5 Top Secrets

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Should You Promote on Youtube?

If you want to promote on Youtube, it’s useful for your brand. Hence, it’s effective if you want to target a wider demographic audience. You’re not just selling a product but building a platform of subscribers who support your identity brand. More importantly, they relate to your content. In which, it is always smart to start with a step-step guide reaffirming the originality of your business brand. The key to success is standing out on Youtube but also implementing common video ideas.

The first step is showing DIY content or a vlogging video in which it has higher chances of being exposed to people’s recommended list. The algorithm of Youtube is tricky, and for the most part, complicated, unlike Instagram and Twitter. You don’t have control of making personalized ads and sending it out an online mass. The only control you have over your channel is creating virtually appealing thumbnail and an interesting title to attract higher traffic.

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake to make is creating a clickbait title. What’s a clickbait title? It’s the action of drawing massive attention to an exaggerated truth. Example, how our product cream can 100% erases all your wrinkles. You should use a more truthful title with easy tips: 5 anti-wrinkles ways to use our cream at night.

Why not use the first title? You’re indirectly lying to the audience. And that’s  a negative image for a brand who gain the trust of loyal subscribers. There are many ways to market your product on Youtube. In which case, my five actionable tips  are easy to implement. Even for beginners, you’re investing a small sum of money, unlike spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on traditional marketing. It broadens your marketing strategies and makes it even more accessible to share online.

Remember, millennial today spend huge amounts of leisure time watching videos online. And that includes snapshot and viral videos on social media. Here are five top secrets that you can used in order to promote your Youtube videos and make new subscribers sign up to your channel!

#1 Convert all your Instagram stories & Podcasting Videos on Youtube

It can be difficult if you want to successfully promote on Youtube. Especially, if you don’t have the right lighting or camera lens. And that includes writing the draft outline of your video; a time-consuming project. My first recommendation for beginners is repurposing their social media videos and convert them on Youtube. Share a hashtags post, so your Instagram followers can directly check it out on Youtube. You’ll get a small rapid following and viewers can watch old podcast videos and Instagram stories. Remember to put all your social media links in the Youtube Description. It makes things easier and you’ll always have other companies who are interested in sponsoring your brand

#2 Send Free Products to small Youtube Influencers

The most important thing to remember is to send your product to small influencer s. Remember, it’s a long term success. You should never look at the subscriber’s count because it does not reflect the potential profit cost. High engagement is extremely important if you’re looking to market your product to a specific niche. Some famous Youtubers do not have high ratio engagement with their audience.

Hence, to promote on Youtube, is to look on the ratio of comments between their subscribers’ counts and views. If a Youtubers have 1 million subscribers, but only 20 0000 views and 15 comments, then that viewers are more are less connected with the Youtuber. It explains why certain famous Youtubers are progressively losing subscribers every day. There are many proven benefits to sending promos to smaller Youtuber influencers, My number one tip is to send to influencers who have between 50 00 0 -300 000 subscribers.

Promote on Youtube with 5 Top Secrets 1

3 Reasons
Subscribers tend to trust Smaller Youtubers more, hence the success of high engagement rate
Smaller YouTubers are more open to free sponsorship in exchange for a review
You can improve any product malfunction based on honest reviews

And to promote on Youtube. It’s the safest option.

#3 Make vlogging videos with You representing the brand

People won’t buy your product if they don’t know the story behind it. Make it fun and playful by creating vlogging videos around these popular topics: morning routine, what I eat in a day or a day in the life of a CEO. The possibilities are endless. People will want to watch an everyday video that depicts all your genuine personality and authentic way of expressing opinions. Progressively, you insert merchandises in your videos and show the reasoning behind your project plan.

It can be interesting to get an insight tour of the laboratory or factory clothing where you created all these fun merchandises, Viewers will be more personally invested in your life, thus they will show more appreciation by purchasing your product. If a company values customer service and gives support towards a demographic audience ( women equality or the LGBT community), Then people will be more tempted to support your cause. You have the power to influence the mind of others and to change a person’s buying decision based on trust. Your identity might represent a close friend recommending the best product to improve a person’s lifestyle.

#4 Make collaboration with company brands

Whether it’s a startup or a mid-sized business, find a similar company niche that’s close in your local area and contact them. Just DM them on Instagram or send a pitch project collaboration. It’s an effective way to network and to build a wider audience with another local business. Make a Q & A video that showcases your driven personality to entrepreneurship. Both people can discuss social issues regarding body insecurities on social media or the pressure to succeed in a fast-paced environment. Make sure to take questions from your social media account. These are three key steps of marketing a friendly Q&A.

1. Make it into a conversation between two friends
2. Pick the most common questions on Instagram
3. Re purpose the Q& A video into a podcast episode

#5 Attend Youtube Social Events & Conferences

Youtubers are always going to social events. whether it’s a sponsorship, a festival event or Q & A conference. The chances of you attending one these events can be a resourceful way to learn more marketing tips from the CEO and connect yourself through inventory or pop up managers who are responsible for organizing Youtube events. The YouTube community offers a wide variety of opportunities to meet in life. The social platforms have yearly events which you can attend and talk to YouTubers at kiosks. And small talks can eventually lead to collaborating with more people. And setting up the chance to install your kiosk brand at one the most anticipating events of the year. Whether it’s a beauty product or merchandise, making a pop-up meeting with other interested Youtuber can help self-promote and bring brand awareness.

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