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Motivational Quotes of the day

I find reading motivational quotes of the day makes you more inspired to work harder. Hence, I wrote a list of 30 motivational quotes to get you going, despite your futile attempts of not seeing results from your hard work. Sometimes we only need a little push in the right direction… 

Believe or not. Blogging isn’t a quick fix to make cash. For some people, it can take weeks, and for other it can takes years before seeing results of their fruitful work. Blogging is not easy. People often have the misconception that if you create a website, blog post will be magically created without a day. No! It takes dedication, planning, writing and editing. 

Many people give up because it seems like a hassle. In a 2019 study , statistics say that 95% of freshly created blogs will fail. And only a fraction will succeed in the Google Search Rank. Some people just need some motivational of the day to get them inspired again.

30 Motivational Quotes of the day

1. “You don’t need to strive for perfection to be a great blogger. Your blog is already perfect in its own imperfect way.” 

Trying your best is the only to show your authentic voice throughout your blog posts. Thus, showing improvement each day is already a reward to celebrate. Have you ever heard the saying: perfection is counterproductive to your perfection? 

2. “What matter more is that start you somewhere. Don’t start worrying about an uncontrollable future  .” 

Some people start with a the new year resolution but then they change their mind, and justify their lack of progress by making some excuses. What matters is that your start your goal instead of procrastinating at the very last minute.  Your motivational quote of the day should inspired you to chased after your dreams instead of procrastinating.

3.“When people say you can’t make it. They’re the ones that ever had the gut to do it.” 

Some people are just too afraid to chase after their dreams, and end up project their fears on others. However, don’t be one of those who become bitter thirty years later and regret taking a risk.

4.“Blogging is no walk in the park. When you think you’ve made it. You have more blog posts to schedule. It’s a vicious cycle” 

The competition is fierce. When you think you’ve made. You can it made an endless cycle of new trends, and you end trying to keep with the new updates. Hence, exhausting yourself with new blog ideas.  

5. Don’t be discouraged by the idea that it’s an over saturated market. Because if you can inspired new readers, you’re more than welcomed  

Don’t be discouraged by the high rise of new bloggers. If one of them has voice to share online. Why can’t you.  Furthermore, you shouldn’t compared yourself to people who has light years of experience.It’s like comparing an Olympic athlete to an amateur runner.

6.Taking baby steps with great ambitions in mind is the road to success  

We should all have realistic expectations but at the same time great ambitions in our hearts  

7.Tell yourself, that one setback is not going to set you back forever  

This pretty relatable. But we’re humans with big egos. If one mistake sets us back, that more likely we can accept failure. That’s why you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake. 

8.When you think you blog something boring. Revise it and make it more magical  

We sometimes run in a writer’s rut, and end producing something that’s not up to par of our expectations. On the other hand, making a few tweaks here and there will really improve your blog. 

9.No matter how hard blogging seems. Make sure to always produce good content. Because the work you put out there is a representation of yourself. 

Putting your best work out there speaks volumes. If you’re chugging great content, who going to believed that your delivering great blog post to be reshare on social media? 

10.Take a power nap, ideally 20 min, to refresh your mind from a cluttered head of ideas  

Power naps are a man’s best friend, if you want to keep your mind fresh with new creative ideas! It can reset your mentality and if you’re unmotivated, read some motivational quotes of the day on Pinterest!

11.When you feel like you’re going nowhere. Remind yourself that it’s better off wondering for the right path, then being stuck with a dead path. 

When you’re stuck, don’t fear the anxious feeling of dealing the unknown future. Because, trust me, straying in a miserable situation, just because it’s a predictable path is far worse for your mental health. 

12.Writing blog article every week can kill you creative spark. Make sure to take a break once in a while to keep the momentum 

13.If you keep writing and persevering. You might end up with a hidden gem idea that might make your post viral 

Preserving is the key to making your blog the best that it can be. Make sure to make your blog filled with inspiring and actionable tips that people use in their everyday lives. 

14.Neglecting to take care of yourself will make you procrastinate on your blog 

Not taking care of yourself will slow your progress on making your blog posting more consistent. Remember. Quality is better than quantity. 

15.Read blogger other blogger website to get fresh idea for you content  

You can be burned from pushing out new idea content on a weekly basis. So be inspired to your favorite and how you can make great content also! 

16.Have the courage to say  No when they’re too many things on your plate  

Multitasking isn’t efficient when you’re trying to complete one task at time . It can feel wrong to refuse something in the beginning, but priotizing your goals is a must. 

17.Don’t be too stubborn of accepting constructive criticism to make your blog better. 

Feedback from other people can be a great to make your blog even better. So don’t let your setback define your failure.! 

18.Trying out blogging for the first time won’t hurt your ego. It’s when you never attempt to it is what hurts more  

People are afraid to try out something new. We act based on our fears. That why some of us dream a lot, but we don’t do anything about it, except fantasying about that could of happen. 

20.Why Give Up, when there’s another day to improve? 

Remember that every day is new to make improvement. So why give up when you give the chance of tomorrow? 

21.You not get any viewers today or tomorrow. Or the day after. But you’ll get there someday. 

It discouraging to not see any results from hard work. But remember, you’ll get there someday. 

22.The Quality of a blog is better than the quantity of blog that you’ve produced  

Quality vs quantity. Of course quality beats quantity . The better your blog is, the better chances that more people will come back and read it. 

23.Why waste your energy on writing things that don’t inspired you? 

Firstly, you should always be resourceful with your energy, never waste on unnecessary thinking of writing something uninspiring. 

24. Remember the good times you had with blogging. Not when you gave up on it. 

We tend to be on our big failures. But make sure to celebrate your small wins instead of blaming yourself of your lack of success.  

25.Why wait. When you can start blogging today? 

Go chase your goals. Stop making the unnecessary New Year’s Resolutions and pushing back your dreams. 

26.There’s always room for improvement. It does not mean you suck at blogging. 

Improving everyday shows your dedication towards your dreams. Not being good at something doesn’t mean you’re going to be like that forever. That’s you should be inspired to saved a list of motivational quotes of the day to keep you going.

27.Be free of creating new ideas Everday. 

Sometimes when we’re  adults, we forget that we’re creatures with creative minds that can change our perspective of life into something more optimistic. 

28.Why wait, when you can start writing today. 

Never procrastinate with your dreams . Because time flies and you’ll end regretting pushing back your honest feelings about what you’re feeling passionate about. 

29.Take the initiative to write something that will inspire your readers. 

If you’re not inspired about what you wrote, what makes you think that your readers will be inspired? It’s similar to reading quotes, if you find the motivational quotes of the day unhelpful, why bother reading them everyday. Thus, being inspired is the key to long term success.

30.Be adventurous in your way of thinking. Not your way of outsourcing your blog. 

Thinking outside of the box is the way to make your blog successful. However, many of us will spend huge dollars on delegating and automating certain task without giving a second of carefully spending out budget.

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