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image result 10 online jobs that pay you 1000$ with no experience

10 Online Jobs that Pay You 1000$ with No Experience

Online jobs where you don’t need experience are great a way to earn extra cash on the side. If you don’t have any experience, online jobs offer a door of possibilities. Whether you want to make money online, while doing a corporate job to save for an emergency fund, or you’re just a college student …

Entrepreneurial Investing Book Review 1

Entrepreneurial Investing Book Review

The book “Entrepreneurial Investing” offers a refreshing perspective by suggesting that investors who want to flourish in the stock market should take advantage of the so-called “entrepreneurial revolution”. As a matter of fact, we live in a period where small businesses and big corporations coincide with each other. Except it’s only the big players who …

image result Blogging Tips 2020 for New Bloggers

Blogging Tips 2020 for New Bloggers

What does a Blog mean? Blog introduction

For every newbie blogger, I think the feeling of starting your very first blog can either be scary or either confusing. Hence, you need important blogging tips 2020 to start off your year in the right direction.

You dream about the idea of blogging, no doubt about it. As you come home from work, you scroll online and see people writing about food recipes, fashion tips on wardrobe capsules, fitness blogs, a blog radio or maybe you saw websites of mommy bloggers showing baby pics! In this day and age, people are starting a blog about every kind of niche you can think of. In  almost every course program that you see on Facebook ads, Pinterest and on YouTube, professionals promise a stress free life by quitting your nine to five job and they give you new blogging tips 2020 to becoming a successful blogger.

And you say to yourself, maybe I can create my very own blog someday. Except you keep making ..

List of Excuses

  •  I don’t have the money to start a blog  
  • I’m too busy to start a side hustle. I’m too busy with work and school. 
  •  Maybe one day, when it’s the right time (cough… Twenty years later, and you still haven’t started your blog yet)  own
  • You’re not motivated. You put in your New Year’s 2020 resolution. And you give up two months later. 

Or maybe, there’s an unconscious excuse you didn’t ask yourself before starting a blog; 

You don’t know where to start. And I’m here to tell you the essential blogging tips 2020 that you should know before starting your very own blog.  By being your own boss, it’s important to apply these best blogging practices.

#1) Know Your End Goal When You Start a Blog  

It really starts with this essential question: What’s your ultimate goal by making this blog? 

In other words, why do you want to start a blog in the first place? 

I’m not saying you should doubt your creative ideas. Because, like I previously said, almost every blog niche has been  covered before. Meaning there is an open opportunity for any kind of topic.  If you’re passionate about a certain subject. Then, blog it!

If you’re afraid that your idea might fail. Don’t worry! Having a purpose behind your idea is far more important. 

Hence, I want you to write down three key points while asking the essential question: 

What do I want to gain by starting this blog? What is my purpose? 

  • Create a blog business plan  
  • Make a website solely giving advice and great tips. When eventually you’ll be selling an E-book or service  
  • Inspire readers who have gone through the same experience as you. 

If you don’t know your WHY. Then you’ll eventually hit a brick wall when thinking of a blog post idea. 

#2) Find The Right Target Audience  

I think this is where most new bloggers fail. They don’t know what kind of target audience they should aim  for. 

If you don’t understand your readers’ interest. How can you get  consistent daily traffic on your blog? Makes sense, right? 

If nobody is interested in reading your blog. Except you, that has already sent a red flag that you fail to fulfill in point #1)  

Let’s say a new mommy blogger wants to write her pregnancy experiences and share it with the audience. She has to consider the three blog categories: 

  •  The audience age (pregnant women between the age of 24-35) 
  • The readers’ interest (ex: What tests do I need during pregnancy)  
  • What kind of social media does your audience use the most? 

Follow these 3 steps consistently, and you’ll see better results with your SEO website traffic.  

#3) Find the Right Blog Niche for Your Success  

First, I won’t go around lying and say that every blog niche will reach the same height of success. Because that obviously isn’t the case. Let’s face it, some bloggers will get more ad avenue, sponsor money or opportunities based on their fan base. But more importantly, 

The kind of niche they’re in. 

However, I advised you not to be discouraged to start a blog, just because you think your blog topic isn’t good enough. There are so many ways for blog income! Instead of using Google Adsense or getting a sponsor post.  

It’s like comparing bananas and apples. Every blogger has their weaknesses and strengths. A blogger for kids can be equally as successful as a business blogger, if they are given the right tools. It takes trial and error! 

#4) Create a Blogging Schedule that Fits Your lifestyle  

We all know that if there’s no blog post coming up that week will lead to a slack off. You tell yourself that you’ll compensate your missed post by blogging three times the next week instead of two. But we both know that’s not going to happen. 

You make excuses for yourself. And eventually, before we know it. It’s already been two months that you already haven’t posted anything on social media.  In the process, you’ll lose followers and make your subscribed readers become disinterested of your content. 

It automates all your instagram posts and pins!

That’s why I personally like using scheduling tools such as Tailwind. It’s a simple social media tool made for Pinterest and Instagram specifically, allowing scheduling, bulk uploads, optimization, and insights.

Pinterest is another great social account to get high organic traffic on your blog!

You save the hassle of scheduling one pin at a time, and optimized your blogging job by scheduling your tweets at the best time recommended. 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

#5) Create a Vision Board for Motivation   

Manifest your blogging goals by consistently meeting your deadline. If you’re not taking into account of your actions and owning up to your mistakes. Nobody is there to criticize you. Why?

Because you’re the boss of this side hustle. Hence, making even the most simple task seemed troublesome. That’s why do a blog review of your goals.

I suggest creating a vision board, almost like a devised plan, where you stick pictures and post-its  on a board, depicting your dream life. It can be anything related to your schedule posting of three times a week to your favorite celebrity bloggers.  Thus, you need great motivational quotes to be inspired.

This helps maintain motivation, whenever you look at the board, after sticking it on your bedroom wall. 

Your Vision Board can have the following items: 

  • Your blog niches
  • Brainstorming topic ideas
  • Favorite places, food or merchandise that you like to recreate for your business 

#6) Be Authentic with your Blog Post Posting  

People want to subscribe to you for one thing: useful advice on a consistent topic that you have been posting every week. If you start a blog on fitness then a blog post on how people can implement, easy workout routines and eat a clean diet, stick with that! 

Don’t start blogging something unauthentic, for example, how to lose weight in five days, so you can a high rise of subscribers for a short period of time. Because in the long run, you’ll lose credibility to your blog because you’re not giving out authentic advice! 

If you’re running out of ideas on what to blog about, you can always use a blog idea generator to get access to millions of free topics that you can get inspire to make your post go viral! 

Remember, the more transparent you are with your readers, the more chances they’ll come back to your blog. And, the more likely you’ll get a steady website traffic as a long term benefit, then resorting to easy methods in order to make money for your blog. Furthemore, it’s one of the best blogging tips 2020.

#7) Use Blog Idea Generator to get Your Juice Flowing 

Every blog writer was there before. As an experienced blogger, you get tired recycling the same old ideas and hit a dead end of what people call it: the writer’s block. And you often don’t know what to do next. if you apply the right blogging tips 2020, then you’ll get back on track.

You’ll start getting demotivated and hate very single blog idea that forms in your head. 

That’s why I use blog idea generators. They’re the best. One that might pretty useful is Hubspot. They give millions of inspiring blog titles within less than a minute. Then, you can tweak the titles to your personal touch and get your juice flowing again when you write your latest blog post! 

#8 Reach to other Bloggers within your niche  

If you want to get your website noticed for the first time, it’ll be a lot easier if you reach to other established bloggers from the start. But make sure it’s within your blog niche! 

Make sure to reach out other talented bloggers, though group discussion forums like Quora, and the Medium platform.

In 2019, Quora generated more than 1 million views! It’s an excellent platform when readers ask questions and experts share in depth advice, so readers can improve their general knowledge on topics such as how can a blog make money, blog name generator or how a blog is created.

It’s an excellent sharing platform where you can put your website link in your profile and Quora answers. 

But, don’t over self-promote yourself, because viewers will feel like you’re selling a product, more than actually helping them. 

#9 Store Your Blog ideas with a Productivity tool 

Getting consistent post blog on your website is a real hassle when you don’t have a list of ideas prepared in advance. You’ll probably want to reconsider writing your ideas on a messy sheet of paper than losing afterwards in the long run. 

I suggest using a Productivity Tool that can reorganize your blog post ideas in a consistent list with Categories ranked by color. Tools like Evernote, are these kind of features that you can use for your blog. 

Brainstorming for new blog ideas every week isn’t easy. It can be more of a headache if you stored them randomly in different places every day; like storing in your cell phone, agenda, drawer etc.  In conclusion, you can’t implement the best blogging tips 2020 if you don’t have a plan.

#10 Choose the right Color Website Theme for your Niche  

This is an easy task that Beginner Bloggers can do. They can simply go on  and select the website theme of their choice. Choosing a clean blog html template will increases your chances of getting more views. Because Google loves a cluttered free website.

You can choose thousands of cool website templates like on Thrives.

Make sure to choose a color palette that will attract visitors and be coherent with your overall message of your them blog niche. Let’s say your blog is about creating delicious meals with clean healthy ingredients.

Better WordPress Content

Then, your website theme should be more centered with a minimalist design with colors such as green, cream beige or orange. 

Finding a way to post format your site is very important.

#11 Use Writing tools that will auto save your work 

Nobody wants to restart their hard work from zero. Right? Let’s say you’re almost done writing your blog post and your computer suddenly shuts down. What do you do? You start panicking of course, unless you’re a meticulous planner who press the saved button every ten minutes while writing, but who has the time to do that? 

I never recommend using Microsoft Word. You’ll end up losing all your files in the long g run. 

I myself personally do daily writing, I love to use writing tools such as Onenote. You can get the full package of benefits with Onenote and other cool features for you website by getting Office 365 for business. It syncs your work all in one place. I highly recommend it if you are someone who tends to forget to save their work like me.  

#12 Improve your results with a tracking tool 

How do you if your blog is succeeding or not if you don’t have a tool that measures your results? Without results, you can’t make micro improvements to your own business. 

It’s important to know as a newbie blogger, what mistakes to avoid and strategies to develop while blog posting, networking and sharing content on social media.  In addition, the best blogging tips 2020 always involve networking with other bloggers in the same niche.

Google Analytics can keep tabs on traffic, track your income/sales, and track your signups/conversions.

#13 Be inspired by other bloggers. But don’t imitate them 100% 

They say copying is the best form of flattery. But that can be dangerous for your blog’s brand. If you end up copying the exact form of writing style, blog topics and website theme. You’ll end up

  • Lacking originality in your brand. 

 Not only that, visitors will be less likely to subscribe to your emailing list, because  you’ll end being another unoriginal voice among the seas of bloggers that are being created every few minutes. To stand out among the crowd of competition, you need three criteria key points:

  • A popular blog niche, but original topics  
  • An authentic voice 
  • An eye catching website theme to attract visitors 

Use blog examples as inspiration, but don’t copy them.

#14 Write down the outline of your Menu Tab  

A website must be complete with a detailed menu tab. Without it, you can be rejected by the Google Adsense program and not have the opportunity to monetize your blog. A menu can include important subpages to make your readers navigate your website in a more efficient matter. 

When you launch your first blog, it should have the basic menu pages such as Contact me (so your readers can contact you), your blog post divided by categories, and about me page etc. 

In addition, your menu should always be updated and respect the per guidelines request of a website (ex: the cookie privacy) 

#15 Research for new upcoming trends  

They are always new trends arising  in every blog niche you’re in. It could be a new SEO technique, a new WordPress theme that has better  responsive features or a marketing app that creates sales conversion.  

You should always stay in the loop from other content bloggers to be a few steps ahead of the game. If you have the money and time. You can easily schedule  three bloggers to read per week to get a general picture of what you’re missing in your blog industry. 

By implementing rapid strategies in your blog, you can improve it and make it stand out even more in the crowd of  fierce competition.  It’s important to maximize all the best blogging tips 2020.

#16 Improve your Blog with Reply Comment  

Replying to your readers’ comments is very important. You’re not just engaging with your readers and creating a social network community, but you also understand what readers like from your blog posts and what they don’t like, judging by the number of positive and negative comments. 

The more comments you have, the higher possibility that a brand might collaborate with you and ask you to promote a product because of the high engagement that you have with your readers. 

So remember to always reply to comments, and to take note of improvements because there’s always room for more! 

#17 Build an emailing list 

It might sound a little early for beginner bloggers. Especially, when you have very little traffic on your website. But never say never. Be prepared to install an emailing list tool where your new visitors can sign up with email address. It’s what you call conversion. 

Build Your Mailing List Faster

In other words, when you have a new blog post on your website, they’re the first to be notified. So your blog post will have more chances to go viral because of the repeated readers who are subscribed to you  and will want to repost it on social media.  

I recommend using easy to go platforms such as Mailchimp. 

#18  Be inspired to use Strategies to make writing fun 

If you don’t want to treat your blog like a 9 to five job. You should have a way to make your writing task more enjoyable, and dare I say 2x more productive? It’s fairly easy, take a quick test to know what your learning style and apply in your blogging routine. 

Let’s say you’re someone who’s an auditory learner. You can put an upbeat music song, while brainstorming for new ideas. Or, you can be a visual learner! Pick a favorite movie of the holiday season and apply the Podemoro technique. 

During your 15-20 minute break, reward yourself with the movie, and extend the writing routine until you finish that movie. It makes your writing, less boring and can even lead to new fresh new ideas! 

#19 Understand SEO and implement the strategies  

I admit you don’t to be a genius to understand SEO. It might sound scary at first. But you’ll get the hang of it. 

Some bloggers will rely on social media, newsletter emailing etc. But it’s important to know that those spikes of traffic are momentary. The importance with SEO is that it helps you rank in search engine, Google, Bing etc.  SEO is a very aspect of the blogging tips 2020.

By understanding the simple basis of SEO is keywords, blog titles and the recommended word count will hugely get you ahead of the game. So make sure to read some simple guides that show you the ropes of SEO.  

#20 Make sure your website is fast loading  

Like I previously said, SEO is very important for the ranking of your website. By making your website easy to access at fast loading pace, the more likely your readers won’t click out. 

And the search engines really don’t favor slow loading website (SERP), so make sure to  not overcrowd your website with too many images, cookies or any 303 error gate web pages. 

And too many click backs like that contribute to a high bounce rate which is not good for SEO.