10 Online Jobs that Pay You 1000$ with No Experience

image result 10 online jobs that pay you 1000$ with no experience

Online jobs where you don’t need experience are great a way to earn extra cash on the side. If you don’t have any experience, online jobs offer a door of possibilities. Whether you want to make money online, while doing a corporate job to save for an emergency fund, or you’re just a college student trying to pay off debt. Side hustles jobs are a smart way for you to earn money online.

I compiled a list of 10 online jobs that pay you 1000$, where you don’t need much experience. In addition, the salary ranges between $18/h -$100/h where you get payment either with PayPal or by cash. So it doesn’t hurt to earn easy money on the side, if you have time and skills for it.

1) Rover $20-$50/ 30 min walk

Rover is a company that hires people to walk pets. You can make online profile and offer your services to pet owners who are looking for a person to do pet sitting, dog boarding and dog walking. In addition, Rover is in demand for people who needs someone to watch their cat.

According to TheSimpleDollar, people who walk 2-3 dogs for 2 weeks can earn up to 1000$ per month. On the other hand, you’re free to set up your rate. Dog sitters on average will charge around $20- $50 for a 30-minute walk. This is a great side hustle who love outdoor activities and want to get their cardio workout with a cute companion!

image result rover 20 Side Hustles to Make Money Online with No Experience

2) Virtual Assistant $15-$45/ hour

In today’s market, more businesses are looking for remote workers. Hence, virtual assistants are trained beginners help small businesses online. It can range from administrative work like answering emails, social media management to booking appointments. Entrepreneurs are always looking to delegate their task to virtual assistants. So you can start looking for a job on popular sites like Upwork! No experience is required if you have the basic skills like oral communication and writing.

Depending on the business needs, a virtual assistant can have a flexible schedule that ranges between a full-time job of 8 hours/day to 10 h/ a week.

3) Affiliate Marketing with Blogging

Some blogging niches have a lucrative income, if you’re willing to write 2-3 post per week, and as a result earn a passive income each month. When you host a website platform, there are several way to earn money. Most bloggers will get their income through Affiliate Marketing. What is it? It when you sign up with an affiliate program like Amazon associates, and a commision for each time a buyer clicks you links. I wrote two blogs that give important for a beginner blogger and alternative to earn money without Google Adsense.

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4) AirBnb $924/month

AirBnb is an online platform where you rent out your guest rooms or properties to customers. It can be tourists or local people who are looking for a place to temporary stay. There are are than 6 000 000 unique listings on the AirBnb makerplace. In addition, you’re allowed to fix specific rate that you wish to rent out to customers.

According to CNBC, a AirBnb can make on average $924/ month. If you an extra room, where you to rent out during the weekends. AirBnb can a great opportunity to earn as a side income.

5) Selling Clothes $100- $500

If you have unused clothes in your closet, companies like Poshmark and Thredup will let you post your clothing items online and earn money. Thus, the buyers will purchase used clothing, shoes and accessories. The apps are 100% free. You can use your Phone to photos and it takes less than a minute. It’s the perfect side hustle for college students who want to have an easy side hustle.

Customers are always looking for trending brands such as fashion items like Gucci Classic Loafers, Adidas Superstar shoes, Anastasia Beverly Makeup or accessories from Oakley.

6) Writing transcripts $15/h- $22/h

Transcribe me is a company that hires people to transcribe video and audio in any supported languages. Hence, all you need is a computer , WI-Fi connection and good language skills. The more languages you know, the higher earning potential you’ll get from clients.

In addition, Transcribe me paid at a higher rate if you have a specialized background in the medical or legal field. If you’re a an organized transcriptionist and you use your flexible schedule wisely, you can move fairly quickly in the company.

7) Teaching English Online 22$/h

VP kids is an online English teaching course where teachers can schedule and pick their own flexible hours. For starters, you need to create an account with VP kids. You can directly start your hours by teaching kids without having a lesson plan.

Teaching online gives you the flexibility to work at home and make an additional side income. According to Glassdoor, it’s the top 10 places to work at in 2020. For college students, they can use their prior knowledge such as English to foreign kids. All they need is a laptop and a microphone!

8) Fiverr $5- $15 per gig

Fiverr is a free online marketplace where you create an online profile account and publicize your freelance services. Customers from worldwide are looking for freelancers of various skills: logo designing, voice over, translation, digital marketing etc.

For people with very little experience, it’s a great platform for beginners. If you’re the type that likes to work on a fresh new project every week. This is a good be a way to build a solid clientele for a your future business.

9) Paid Book Review

Kirkus is a company that hires people to publish book reviews. The job involves getting a complimentary and a set-period to write your review.

10) TaskRabbit

Task Rabbit is a company where consumers are looking for people with help with every day tasks.

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