Are Horoscope Signs Accurate? Your Makeup Personality

(March 21-April 19)  Major Qualities: Headstrong, competitive, narcissistic

Their Makeup Routine

Ruled under the element of fire, they are not afraid to make a statement concerning their bold choices. They have the ability to confidently sell their fashion sense and they miraculously set the trends within their circle of peers. They can effortlessly stride down the street with purple lipstick; you’re not afraid to wear whatever makes you happy. Their deepest fear is losing to someone who is better than them. Their prideful ego can lead to unconscious jealousy and a few impulsive decisions.

   (September 23-October) Major Qualities: Hopeless romantic, dramatic, charming Their Makeup Routine

Libra has a natural knack for social gatherings. Despite they are a moderate extrovert, people are inevitably swept by their down to earth personality. A zodiac sign that belongs to the Air, they are a sucker for beautiful packaging. They will be buying anything that looks remotely cute or luxurious, before considering the quality of the makeup product. They will wear a dewy foundation and accentuate the natural features on their face. A pink tone lipstick is their number one best friend.


(April 20-May 20) Major Qualities:  organized, overdoing things, stubborn
Their Makeup Routine

Ruled under the element of Earth, they have an obsessive tendency to create to-do-lists. Their strict checklist gives them a sense of control over their personal life. Therefore, Taurus are the types to stick to lifetime makeup products. If they have a favourite; they will use it until it hits pride. They are the type to have a consistent makeup routine and their biggest pet peeve is to be disappointing in a hyped makeup that does not correspond to their high standards of expectations.

(October 23- November 21) Major Qualities: passionate, jealous, secretive
Their Makeup Routine

 Scorpio is part of the water element; they known for their obsessive nature. If they are dedicated to a specific career or significant loved; they will pour their 100% in it, which can lead to a fear of intimacy. They are afraid to lose control when the relationship gets too deep or complicated. Their makeup routine is a way to express their 50-minute dedication to creating an effortless look. They are not the type to show any vulnerability, which can create misunderstandings.

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