What Are Things To Pack For a Trip? Checklist

image result What Are Things To Pack For a Trip? Checklist

Buying an airplane ticket is already stressful. But packing outfits for unpredictable weather and for a special event is even more stressful. You don’t know if you’re overpacking or if you might forget something extremely important. Traveling to another country does not mean you’re stress-free from all your personal problems. You might have to pay the extra cost of your suitcase’s weight exceeds the airline’s requirements. Here is a pre-made template that you can inspire from when you’re traveling abroad or making special plans with your significant other.

Straw Hat/Cap First Aid Kit
2 Pair of Denim Jeans Hand Sanitizer
Classic Black Evening dress 2 Towels
Makeup Bag Cellphone/Earbuds
Sunglasses Toothbrush/toothpaste
2 Bags (Backpack& Purse) Credit Card/Debit Card
Sneakers Sunscreen/Body Lotion
Heels/Wedges Passport
2 Pair of Bikinis Tablet/Laptop
6 Pairs of Underwears Protein Bars/Crackers
2 Shirts /2 Blouses/1 Dress Blowdryer
2 Pair of Pyjamas Sleeping Mask
1 sweater for the airplane ride Deodorant

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