Interesting Information

According to buyer’s reviews, these types of bracelet are really easy to use if you have arthritic fingers. Also, you can add existing charms you already have to this open bangle bracelet concept.

Price Comparison & Links

Fits wrists up to 6.25″
8 mm in diameter
Tiffany’s Hardwear ball wire bracelet collection has a high-end price range. It priced between 450$-2500$. This Tiffany’s bracelet is composed of gorgeous baby blue Amazonites. It’s elegantly designed with an 18k gold bangle. The wearer can easily adjust the bracelet. At 1500$, for the amount of gold you’re getting on the bracelet. It’s reasonably priced, considering that Tiffany’s is a worldwide famous brand.

Concept Idea & Design

They’re both similar designs. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Pandora came out with their open bangle bracelet. It’s a minimalist concept. With the idea that women should look fashionable while having functional accessories for work. Both bracelets are easily adjustable. There’s no problem with wrist measurement. In both stores, you can exact measurement type.


Tiffany’s bangles always have a sleek surface. It’s crafted in a more refined and sophisticated way. Whereas the Pandora bangle is very functional and has the ability to carry multiple charms because of its thick width band. Of course, it’s a no brainer that people who choose the cheaper version. Because it’s a dupe for the expensive price Tiffany’s wire bracelet.

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