50 Part-Time Job Ideas For Introverts/Extrovert



25 Jobs Ideas For Extroverts 

1.Retail Associate for Shopping Malls ( consistent retail brands that need people: Victoria’s Secret
2. Cashier for the food industry ( recommended companies: Costco, Starbucks, Tim Horton
3.Babysitting ( kids between the age 5-11)
4. Waiter/ Waitress
5. Uber driver ( a personalized schedule)
6. Call Center ( Bell; ideal for people with morning classes/job)
7.Tutoring (Demanded subjects: Math, Science & English)
8. Cosmetics Counters in Drugstores ( you don’t need a certification/ just know how to apply makeup)
9.  Host/ Hostess/Bar
10. Mascots for entertainments ( Birthday parties/ Walt Disney/ LaRonde, SeaWorld)
11. Motivational Coach (life&career)
12. Assistant Errands for fashion companies
13. Golf clubs ( weekend part-time job)
12. Park Attraction ( roller coaster, catering etc.)
13. Birthday Singer/ Marriage Entertainer
14. Food Truck/ Ice cream Truck
15. Perfume Tester/Products Advertising (Costco, High-End malls)
16. Tour Guide in local parks/zoos
17. Translator for Festivals/Hospitals
18. Ski/Spa Resorts (part-time weekend)
19. Moving Lawns/ Moving House Furniture
20. Fitness Instructor (Cycling & Cardio)
21. Competition Events ( Ice rink, Rogers Cup etc.)
22. Retirement Home ( piano entertainment, walking assistance, food center)
23. Summer Camp (guide &leader)
24. Flower Shops/Wrapping Gifts
25. Daycare Monitors


25 Jobs Ideas For Introverts  

1. Dog walking/ Cat babysitting
2. Etsy ( creative projects: bracelets, stickers, calendar printable, clothing pieces)
3. Elections procedures ( counting votes)
4.  Web designer/Instagram photos/YouTube editing
5.Sells Kijiji/eBay/Amazon/Poshmark Items
6. Bookstore/Library (arranging books)
7. Gym Fitness Center ( taking calls/ schedules)
8. Photographer (marriage events, graduation, pro etc.)
9. Secretary for a dentist office/ mechanic garage
10. Hospital Administration Paper Work
11. Assignment Corrector (English/ French / Spanish/ Foreign Language)
12. Housekeeping
13. Movie Ticket Seller
14. Closet Designer ( arranged clothes, accessories & shoes)
15. Tennis Center ( Patrolling the tennis courts, cleaning etc.)
16. Swimming lifeguard
17. City Town jobs (gardening, cleaning
18. Pizza/Chinese/food delivery service
19. Public services ( tasks such as holding the stop sign)
20.Hotel Services (valet parking, carrying suitcases)
21. Lab experiments ( volunteers & partners)
22. Freelance jobs ( writing articles, designing a logo company, tattoo)
23. Video Game Tester, product tester, review products, online surveys
24. Aquamarine Centers
25.Neighbor’s of Family’s help (watering plants, cleaning chores)

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