Sephora Canada Violet Voss: Worth the Money?

Colourful Eyeshadow Palette For Monolid Eyes


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Sephora Violet Voss Flamingo Pro Eyeshadow Palette 8/10

First of all, people with monolid eyes have to work twice as hard for their eyeshadow look. It’s a known fact. The minute you create a beautiful wing eyeliner look, it’s gone. Because when you open your eyes, the layer of your eyelid covers up your hard work. Hence, the trick is to make your black eyeliner a little more dramatic than you would prefer. The creamy texture of Sephora’s new release eyeshadow palette gives a better colour pay off. Violet Voss has stepped up their game. Even the consumer’s reviews on the Sephora website have confirmed this statement. Despite, the colourful shade selections. You can find creative ways to use this palette on an everyday basis. Probably offers the most versatile trio shades that you can work it with. Whether it’s for office hours or an evening out, the best trio is Sand (beige skin colour), Island (shimmery rose gold) and Sunbathe (matte orange beige).

Recommended Shade Combinations

The Inner eye corner: the best shade selection for fair skin is seashell. For darker skin tone, I highly recommend the shades Island and Flip Flops.

Transition Shades: The best transition shades are Sand and Sunbathe. Like the names indicate, it’s a similar colour to your skin tone.

Cocktail Party Looks: Put Bikini (mauve shade) on the middle lid and smoke it out with a blending brush with the eyeshadow colour Coral. if you use too many pink colours together. Like I did. You would just end up looking like someone who just recently punch you in the face.

Smoky Eyeshadow Look: First, put Sunnies (black shade) on the outside lid and inner lid. Then, lightly smoke it out with Beach Ball on the water lid. Afterward, put Oceanfront and Tidal Wave all over the eyelid.


Waterproof for a good 10 minutes: If you want to dip in the pool for a photo shoot or a light tan, you can easily have the extra pop of colour. It’s water resistant on a short-term basis. You can dive into the ocean waves and the eyeshadow look would gracefully fade away. The blue shades like Tidal wave and Ocean Front are one of the most water resistants.

Pigmentation is intense: You don’t necessarily need to wet your makeup brush with Mac Fix+ or any type of setting spray. You can effortlessly use the shimmery shades and have that shock factor on your monolid eyes.

The eyeshadow names are memorable: if you forgot a shade’s name, you can pinpoint the reference name according to its personality colour. Example, watermelon illustrates a peachy hot pink colour that is extremely similar to the actual fruit.


Cardboard packaging: For appearance-wise, the packaging doesn’t look like it came from a high-end makeup store. It looks like kid’s makeup. It’s possible they wanted to invest all their money on the eye shadow’s performance than the actual packaging.

Missing Shades: I feel like they put too many shimmery shades like Donut (shimmery hot pink) without considering the transition shades. The mattes shades are not cohesive for subtle looks. That’s why this palette for monolid eyes. No matter how dramatic your eyeshadow look is, monolid lids can easily downplay it. The look can be sophisticated yet noticeable at the same time.

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