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Tiffany Charm Bracelet or Pandora?

Interesting Information According to buyer’s reviews, these types of bracelet are really easy to use if you have arthritic fingers. Also, you can add existing charms you already have to this open bangle bracelet concept. Price Comparison & Links Tiffany Hardwear Ball Wire Bracelet: 1500$ Measurement: Fits wrists up to 6.25″ 8 mm in diameter …

low calorie ice cream does strevia ctually help

Can Ice Cream Ever Be Healthy?

Ice Cream= Coping Mechanism We’re always trying to find a guilty pleasure dessert when we’re down. A bad day can really crush your soul. Whether it’s a breakup, financial burden or a career dilemma, ice cream is a staple. It’s a classic dessert that represents a type of coping mechanism. Except, if you eat it …


The 5 Best Milk Makeup Products

BEST MILK MAKEUP FOR A FIRST DATE YOU’RE UNCONSCIOUSLY STRESSED TO LOOK LIKE YOU DON’T CARE AND THAT YOU’RE A MATURE ADULT Let’s face it. A coffee date is mentally exhausting, The guy or girl invites you to a coffee date and you’re beaming with joy inside while maintaining a cool and collected appearance. You …


Powerful Essential Oil Uses and Diffuser Blends

HOW ESSENTIALS & ORGANIC OILS CAN HELP STRESS & FACE BLEMISHES A lot of people don’t know how to use essential oils. It’s either too complicated to understand the property and characteristics of each organic oil or it seems like a hippie scam. We often see classic essential oils on the beauty market; lavender, chamomile, lemon, and tea tree. Each oil has its …


What Are Things To Pack For a Trip? Checklist

What Are Things To Pack For a Trip? Checklist Buying an airplane ticket is already stressful. But packing outfits for unpredictable weather and for a special event is even more stressful. You don’t know if you’re overpacking or if you might forget something extremely important. Traveling to another country does not mean you’re stress-free from …