low calorie ice cream does strevia ctually help

Ice Cream= Coping Mechanism

We’re always trying to find a guilty pleasure dessert when we’re down. A bad day can really crush your soul. Whether it’s a breakup, financial burden or a career dilemma, ice cream is a staple. It’s a classic dessert that represents a type of coping mechanism. Except, if you eat it every day, you end up gaining tremendous weight. Even worse, a sweet tooth person can end up having an appointment at the doctor’s office for possible diabetes.

Texture flavour

Surprisingly, it tastes similar to vanilla bean ice cream. But, less sweet. It has more of a gelato consistency than the traditional ice cream texture. It’s similar to a frozen yogurt dessert. I recommend you to try it out. But one small container can be pricey; it’s 5.99$. However, Coolway ice creams always have monthly sales!

 Health Benefits

– Gluten-Free ( some people have an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity) it provides no essential nutrients

-Source of Fibers: 12 g of fibre per tub

– 24 g of proteins: convenient for people with a long gym session

-Made in a peanut free facility

Sugar & Calories Comparison

Breyers Delight Vanilla Bean: 7 g per 125 ml, 28 grams per tub

Coolway: 6 g per 125 ml, 24 grams per tub

Breyers: 280 calories per tub/ 72 grams of carbs equivalent to a pack ramen noodles

Coolway: 280 calories per tub /48 grams of carbs

Conclusion: there’s not much difference between the nutritional facts. It comes down to flavour texture and ingredients.

Ingredients = short explanations

Modified milk ingredients (non-dairy), cream, dextrin fibre (source of fiber), organic cane sugar (better than white sugar) , potato starch (gluten replacement), tapioca starch, vanilla bean, erythritol, glycerin , sunflower lecithin (natural ingredients), xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum, Stevia extract ( sugar replacement), natural flavor

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