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Our Approach

We believe that correcting grammar mistakes in a simple paper is not enough. Thus, my goal is to not only see the basic mistakes but to also assure that people can creatively personalize their assignment that is close to the English or French native speaker. Vocabulary is a powerful tool in which it can determine if the assignment appears amateurish or incoherent. A mistranslation of an incorrect expression puts a negative light on the writer’s credibility. Which is why MediaMiniTip will help people review their assignment with a second opinion.

Our Story

In 2019, I open MediaMiniTip, an online service for people interested in correcting their translation errors, but to also help them convert the paper into a school or business style. I often find people often use Google Translate. Whether it’s for a particular language course or an office pitch project. Unsure if the translation still retains the same meaning from their initial writing. They shrugged it off and submitted the workload. Without addressing the obvious fact – Does my writing style encapsulates the essential message? Or is it a mixture of combined phrases with very little sense? I find it important to not only use a Grammar Checker but to assure that readers can understand the overall theme of an article in which it befits to an academic or business standpoint.


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I am a Canadian fashion & social media blogger who shares the best tips to increase your SEO content, side hustle productivity, travel deals, top seller makeup recommendations and trendy outfits for 2019. My goal is to work with clients who want to share informative, fun content to their readers.

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