5 Tips On How To Afford Luxury Designer Items

Secret Saving Tips For a Chanel Handbag

You see people on social media purchasing designer brands like it’s a buffet platter. They seemed to be like normal people with a regular middle-class job. You have no idea where the money came from. They seemed to have it all: dream career, caring spouse, successful friends, healthy kids and most of all; a walk-in closet with all of your favourite Chanel handbags. I’m here to tell you that it’s not entirely impossible to save for a luxury purchase. Stop comparing yourself and start having the right budgeting mindset and more creative strategies to make money.

Tip #1 Consignment Store with Good Customer Service

It can be frustrating to put on hold your dream bag at the bottom of the list of priorities. You have adult responsibilities you can’t erase with the flick of a finger: house mortgage, student loan debt, health insurance, emergency fund, and maybe even a retirement fund. it a never-ending nightmare. However, you can save hundreds of dollars by investing a pre-owned Chanel bag that’s in excellent condition! You’re most likely paying half the price of a handbag that’s been used at most twice in its lifetime. Decluttering can be beneficial for both parties: read my previous article on how to make a profit in a consignment store. For some cases, you can make a profit margin of 85%!

Article: 5 Consignment Stores That Will Get You Profit
Recommended Websites
The RealReal Website 
get free 2-day shipping upgrades.20% Off! Code: REAL Online returns must be requested within 14 days of in-store purchase or shipment date and items must be received within 21 days of in-store purchase or shipment date. A variety of watches, jewelry, clothing, handbags, and accessories.
Farfetch Website
large selective goods of Vintage Chanel products, new Chanel collection, sale discounts vary between 10%-60%, a good investment in a decade; you can resell to for the same initial price; Chanel is always increasing in value; it’s an in-demand brand. If you’re an avid vintage collector; then this might be the consignment experience you’re searching for ( brands: Hermes, Jean Paul, Docle& Gabanna, Christian Dior etc.)
LovethatBag Website 
the main focus is on luxury designer bags, SIGN UP FOR EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO SALES,
SNEAK PEEKS AND MORE…PLUS, TAKE $30 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER, occasionally carry mini purse wallets & tote bags for under a 1000$. $15 Shipping Canada | $25 US | Flat rates internationally.
Fashionphile Website 
The selected discount between 10%-30%, FASHIONPHILE ranked #8 most Googled fashion brand of 2018, Free shipping and returns on all domestic orders, 60 days to pay: layaway, limited clothing selection,  a restricted selection of classic designer brands (Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Gucci etc.)


Tip #2  Collective Wishlist Gift Card 

If you’re unwilling to bite the bullet and empty your saving account; you can ask for a collective gift card for your Birthday & Christmas gift. This strategy consists of asking family members, friends & colleague to pitch in an electronic e-card of your favourite consignment store. For example, if 15 people pitch in 50-100$ each, you’re already saving 1500$! You can consistently ask the same thing for each special occasion. Your dream Chanel handbag will be a realistic goal within the span of 2-3 years.

Tips #3 Co-Parenting Lifestyle 

This might not be everyone’s favourite option. If you were the sibling who threw a tantrum every time someone borrows your stuff. Then, there are some compromises to be made.  A freshly purchased handbag is like a baby ready to be adopted. If you’re the person who’ve contributed 75% of the payment agreement. Then you can negotiate to keep it for the weekday. Whereas the other who only paid 25 % of the price can have it strictly on the weekend.

Tip#4 Lookout For Secret Deals

Secret loophole deals are always a hushed topic among sales associates. The company does not want to be put at a disadvantage if every consumer is aware of the secret promotions. It understandable. Their goal is to make the maximum profit. However, some Saks Fifth Avenue Locations offer a 10% discount on your first purchase. It includes popular designer brands such as Givenchy, Chloe, and even Chanel! I’ll go more in-depth in my future fashion blog. Subscribe & check out my posting schedule for more future updates when it comes to finding the best luxury designer deals.

Tip #5 Use Ebates 

Ebates collaborates with many brands. Therefore, buyers can get a small percentage of their money back when they’re purchasing online. You can actually save money when you’re shopping online! You get Cash Back at over 750 stores every time you start your shopping trip at Ebates. There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in and no fees. Stores pay Ebates a commission for sending you their way, and Ebates shares the commission with you as Cash Back.
Bloomingdales: 4% cashback
Saks Fith Avenue: 2% cashback
Neiman Marcus: 2% cashback

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