5 Basic Sephora Products Every Girl Needs

These sales are rare. Usually, they post it twice a year. New products that you’re interested in splurging is a gift sent from God. You also have to stock up on staple items as skincare: moisturizer, face cleanser, toner, sunscreen etc. and simple makeup products such as mascara and eyeliner. Not having a proper list of beloved products can actually create a hoarding idea of buying everything you need on the shelves. It’s mentally unhealthy because you end up stocking on things you don’t necessarily want and walk outside of the store and forgetting the essential items. Sephora products are already expensive so you create a realistic budget of 350$-400$. This way, you only be splurging your wallet during the two times yearly sale, so in total, you would be spending approximately 1000$ instead of a whopping 5000$ ( shopaholics really take it to the next level). My recommendation is to divide your needs to five categories: what you’re really interested in trying this year ( a stand out product), your favorite moisturizer or a new one, a new k-beauty item, your essentials (mascara, lipstick or eyeliner), a beauty product that you want to add to your family ( highlighter, blush, primer, glitter glue etc. ). This is my personal list that I am excited to share with you guys.

1) Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist 24.00$

image result Sol de Janeiro Cream
This product so absolutely divine. There’s a subtle smell of the beach with some sprinkle of custard cake. It gives you the magnificent atmosphere of eating patisseries on a private beach. This really represents the summer vibes. The smaller version is, of course, less expensive than the smaller version. 40$ for 8 o.z.In my opinion, the 40$ version is a little bit too much for a beginner. It’s the equivalent of almost 240 ml. If your person who has simply been interested it in using it for summer purposes. It can be a waste of product and money. The spray bottle is extremely easy to use. You can even offer this as a gift for a friend’s birthday. It has a versatile scent that can suit for everybody’s skin, including men.

2) Dr. Jart+Dermask Spot Jet Laugh Line Lift 15.00$

image result Dr. Jart+Dermask Spot Jet Laugh Line Lift

This Korean brands really nails the market when it comes to generating efficient face masks that target your specific problem areas. This laugh line mask is an absolute. We all know if you spend your early thirties staring at the mirror and realizing you’re not sixteen anymore. It certainly can be view as a humorous quarter life crisis in my opinion. Dr. Jart sometimes sells value sets for only 50.00$. So keep your eyes wide open for any limited edition releases. The one-time use mask contains collagen,volufiline, adenosine. These products promote elasticity and hydration for the skin. My three favourite masks are the laugh line mask, the hydration mask and the anti-wrinkle mask.



This might be an excessive price for a mere blush compact. But I can guarantee that this blush can beat the majority of the beauty market. I already tried a few cult classics and I was not impressed by them. Let’s start: the Amazonian clay blushes were too dry, the hourglass blushes were too pigmented, the Physicians Formula blushes were hard to blend, the Benefits blushes were normal (borderline mediocre) and the list goes on. The Marc Jacobs gives an innovated flare to their product: you can mix the dark tones with the light tones to give a highlighter blush effect. It’s actually quite simple and elegant; some people hate the bang in your face highlighter. Clown’s cheeks are not flattering either.

4) CLINIQUE Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 40.00$

image result CLINIQUE Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15

I find that a lot of YouTubers don’t give enough credit to Clinique. Maybe, their classic yellow moisturizer bottle was a hot product for the previous generation (generation Y etc.).  I admit their packaging are considered boring but this Clinique foundation really is a staple for everyday makeup. It can be a combination of a BB cream and foundation. It offers medium coverage while adding a nice glow to the skin. You can have an effortless look to your face without making it look like you spent thirty minutes in front of the Mirror. It also has SPF of 15 which a lot of classic cult foundations don’t even have ! ex: Makeup forever HD, Too Faced Born this way Foundation etc.




You should 100% get this. You’re literally only paying 110% ( after 15%, it becomes 93$) for eight deluxe sample sizes.
Drunk Elephant is view as a high-end brand. For people hesitating on purchasing an 80$ serum bottle, they can try these trial samples and pick their favourite product. My personal fave is the LaLa Retro whip moisturizer. It recently just came out the Sephora website. Buyers will quickly have to steal one before it completely sell outs. The two products I find the most mediocre in these collections are the Cantaloupe face cleanser and the hydration gel blue bottle.








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