3 Best Google Adsense Alternatives (2019 Edition)

Blogging can be a slap in face if you don’t see the results

Relatively speaking, we all have a strange relationship with money. And that’s why some of us see blogging as an income source of freedom. You don’t know if you should avoid tracking your spending, pretend it never happens, have buyer’s remorse, truthfully most of us are bad with money. And we lack the ability to budget, whether it comes to paying off college debt or opening an online e-commerce business. The majority of people don’t want to take a risk in the online community. And potentially make money off of social media such as selling products on Instagram, opening an Etsy shop or even starting their own personal blog. And for good reason, blogging doesn’t pay off, unless you implement the right SEO strategies. Or, if you’re actually blogging to a targeted audience that is genuinely interested in your ability to tell a compelling story. They might swipe the cell phone screen before you even started your blogging career. The real truth behind the side hustle: it might not pay the pile bills for you to actually quit your 9 to 5 job. Making money off of blogging can take months and maybe even years before you see any real results.

Tip # 1 Passive Advertising Is Complicated

Google Adsense: A Tedious Process
In my experience, it can take weeks before Google Adsense even responds back and gives you full access to ads. And that includes the period when I sent a complaint letter informing them that I’ve waited for 3-4 months already. And that the program promises a breeze in the park experience where you receive a full answer within 2-3 days. Hence, the image of a smiling woman in an apron working on her baking blog. Reddit’s bloggers have shared similar experiences: a very late acceptance, multiple rejections of their website or even a silent answer on Google side.

Needless to say, making money off of ads is essential because you’re making additional income off of passive advertising. For a better experience, bloggers should not solely rely on the famous Google Adsense, and search for better source alternatives. Advertisers will usually pay according to CPM; it means the cost per thousand in which bloggers are getting based on the cost per 1000 potential visitors. Example, if a banner ad costs 200$ for 10 000 visitors. Then you’re getting paid $50. Not a lot, isn’t it? That’s why you need to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website on a monthly basis and hope that your passive income will steadily increase on a profitable scale. Or, you’re just wasting your time.

Here are the top three alternatives 

Your blogging career can kick off to a great with these easy resources

  1. the most similar to Google Adsense, and the ad types are similar in terms of advertisement. The minimum payout is $100 and payment option is through PayPal. sign up link

  2. PropellerAds: Innovative technology ads are a great asset for tech bloggers. Of course, there are other types of ads geared towards other domains. Ideal for medium blogs with low traffic, the minimum payout is 25$ sign up link

  3. The Amazon Affiliate Program: Bloggers who want to make money creatively; write tips on a merchandise product and promote it to their readers by redirecting the targeted ad towards Amazon website and a percentage of the purchase will be awarded. So there’s no minimum payout  find out more

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